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Just replace the boiler in a house
140 sq. metres and above.

"A boiler needs replacing",  was the condition we originally set out to investigate and solve. Small flats without gardens or terraces that are not planned to be refurbished will be the most important category that will make or break our transition away from gas, one boiler at a time. For this to happen, we need cost-effective and unintrusive solutions.
Depending on the condition of the heating system and your budget, you have three options.

Option 1 

Check whether a heat pump is right for you. Cost installed £8,000-14,000 including incentives. 


Option 2 

A combination of
heat battery and smart water cylinder may still suffice in smaller (up to 150 sq.m) or better-insulated houses (up to a maximum of 12000 kW/year for heating).

Option 3a

Infrared panels throughout, combined with a smart hot water cylinder. The panels will be visible, typically installed on the ceiling, as these ones. Cost £12,000 before incentives.

Option 3b 

3b. Combine
heat battery + infrared heating + smart hot water cylinder. In this case you would use the infrared heating panels in rooms that are used seldom or very intermittently: the spare bedroom, or bedrooms in general, for example. Infrared heats very quickly and can be quite smart. Isolating a few areas from the central heating will allow to cover the heating needs with the heat battery alone.

One last thing, not needing refurbishment doesn't mean you can't attempt minimal improvements to the building itself. Sealing front doors and leaky windows brings amazing returns in investment and comfort. Replacing or increasing the loft insulation does not require any demolition. In some cases, very smart robots can also insulate under the ground floor floorboards through the undercroft. 

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