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Our Mission

A tool to transition away from gas boilers.

Welcome to our website - an alternative heating information platform created by architects to respond to the energy crisis, the war in Ukraine, and climate change. We've created a free product selector with comprehensive information to help designers and homeowners ditch traditional gas boilers: the UK's biggest source of greenhouse gas. We encourage you to explore our range of alternative heating solutions for a few minutes. 

This website is entirely self-researched, written and built by Unagru Architecture Urbanism, with the sole aim of doing good: we have no financial interests or ties to any of the products we recommend here. To read more about us nomoregas, please check the About section at the bottom of this page.

Why This Matters

Why This Matters?

Today, 95% of UK homes are centrally heated, relying on gas or oil-fired boilers. It is little known, but gas boilers also pollute the air with NoX, which is particularly dangerous in cities.

Several government and independent projections show how gas boilers are the biggest obstacles to achieving net zero. Of the 1,7 million boilers replaced yearly, only a fraction of a percentage are not gas-fueled.  

UK's and the world’s over-reliance on gas has emerged during the latest energy crisis, which has cost the equivalent of £1,000 for every adult. 

The electric grid is quickly decarbonising thanks to more renewable production coming online. 
The price of electricity is projected to reduce steadily in the coming years, while the price of gas and other fossil fuels will remain volatile. 

The government’s ban on gas boilers coming into effect in 2035 is a missed opportunity to incentivise a much faster transition and an opportunity for energy independence and abundance.  

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Technologies and products


Here are some of the products and solutions we have found. Our selector tool will often suggest a combination of products. You can learn more about each product type, find out about costs and suppliers, and our pros and cons for each. 


Smart heat battery boiler 


Smart water heater


Heat pump


Small interior heat pump

About Us

About us

nomoregas is an initiative of unagru architecture urbanism. We built this website as an information platform to accelerate the transition away from gas boilers in flats and homes. We identified gas boilers as potentially the biggest obstacle to achieving net zero carbon and a tool to empower dictators. 

Natural gas boilers are the next biggest obstacle to reaching our goal, producing more CO2 than all our power plants combined. They directly or indirectly support non-democratic regimes worldwide, and gas prices can spiral, causing fuel poverty. We want to stop new gas boilers from being installed and have solutions for all types of properties - whether you need to replace your current system or are about to embark on a property refurbishment project.

The current government policy and incentives aim to replace boilers with heat pumps. And whilst we're installing more of these, we must recognise that they're impractical for flats or small, uninsulated homes. That's why we've done the groundwork to identify the best alternatives and solutions for several conditions.

We built the website in our free time to inform and hopefully prevent as many new gas boilers from being installed as possible. We don’t make any money from the website; we are searching for research grants! We have no financial interests or ties with any of the products we suggest here. We promote them exclusively because we think they are better than others.

We only want to make a little difference by impacting the market and influencing the public debate on this theme. We need all the help possible from individuals, designers, institutions and researchers to improve the content and the website. Everybody can help by giving us feedback, suggesting new products or solutions, checking and improving our data or connecting us with people who can help us promote the website. We'd appreciate your support in spreading the word. Get us linked with non-government agencies, expert consultants, and campaigners and help us to drive change where it matters most. Or let us know if you want to get involved in other ways.  So please get in touch with suggestions and recommendations at



The story of nomoregas from our first blog posts to our most recent research.


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Nomoregas has no funding or sponsors. If you want to help us with your time, advice or feedback, please contact us. Sign up for our newsletter here.


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